How Contributor System Works on UNQ Space

By joining UNQ Space, you become part of the contributor system, which encourages and rewards those who contribute content, provide suggestions, or offer feedback. As your involvement increases, so does your ranking, with certain privileges such as voting rights and commenting abilities granted to higher contributors. We want this system to create a dynamic community active in improving UNQ Space!

What is Contribution System on UNQ Space?

Contributing to UNQ Space is an essential part of being a member. It can involve providing knowledge, helping fellow members with their problems, posting helpful posts or sharing giveaways and news – you may even become a paid contributor by donating small amounts. Contributing means that you are offering something in exchange for using the community’s resources; it prevents one from becoming an undesired “leecher”.


What Can I Contribute to UNQ Space?

Content Contribution

If you are eager to contribute to UNQ Space, then there is no limit on the type of content that can be posted. For example, Udemy discounts can go in the Udemy Coupon room; information about giveaways goes into the Giveaway Room; Android Paid Apps and Games may fit better into their respective category; or new topics and ideas might be suggested in either General Chat or by getting in contact with administrators.

Paid Contribution

You can become a paid contributor to UNQ Space Community by donating a small amount. Doing this will not only help the content contributors but also give you recognition as paying donor with an appropriate badge of acknowledgement.


How to become a paid contributor, and what are the plans?

You have to contact Administrator @unique or join the donation room and ask for donations.

Donation plans for paid contributors

1 Month: $2

6 Months: $10

1 Year: $18

Lifetime: $50


The benefits of contribution to UNQ Space

There are many advantages to contributing to UNQ Space. Contributors can access rooms that offer special bonuses, features and more which don’t exist for non-contributors. The system will recognize you as a contributor and boost your reputation within the website.

Contribution Badage system


Bronze will define that you have contributed content within three days; if you do not contribute content within the next three days, your badge will be removed, and your access to the contributor program will be revoked.


Silver will define that you have contributed content within two days. If you do not contribute content within the next two days, then your badge will shift to bronze, and after that, if you don’t provide content for three days, your access to the contributor program will be revoked.


Gold will recognize you as an active community user, and you have to contribute content daily; you will have the best access possibility content on UNQ Space; if you do not contribute content daily, your badge will shift to Silver, Bronze, and after that, revoked.

Paid Contributor

If you are unable to provide content to the community, then this plan is best for you, you have to donate, and you will have access to the highest possible stuff on UNQ Space until your plan of donation.


Rules for content contribution

If you decide to contribute content to the UNQ Space Community, you must follow the rules given below not to get terminated by the community:

  1. Content must be initially yours and not copyrighted or copy pasted from any other platforms. This will lead to account termination.
  2. Promotional content, such as your websites or profiles, is prohibited if that doesn’t add value.
  3. Do not use paying URL shorteners that will disturb the user experience.
  4. Only provide valuable content.
  5. Do not share affiliate links.
  6. Do not share illegal content. You will immediately get banned by the community.


UNQ Space has become a highly sought-after site. Previously, people were taking the material from here to post on other websites, so the community decided that they should tighten up against those who do not offer anything back; as a result of which, it was introduced where members could donate if they wanted to keep using such place for gaining knowledge or even add their contributions as well.

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